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Big Mama's Tumor

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I realize that this middle picture looks like I am pulling Big Mama's ears but I was actually just petting her head.  As you can see, her tumor is quite large.  She will be having surgery on 12/8/99.  The doctor says that the tumor is in her breast and that the tumor was probably caused by her hormones.  I assured him that she had been spayed before I got her as a resuce bunny from Michigan Rabbit Resuce but he says that she wasn't spayed soon enough.  I have no idea how long she was in that shed before she was rescued, so there is really no way to know how old she is.

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                         Big Mama with Peter                               Big Mama's Lump 12/7/99, the day before surgery

These pictures taken 12/9/99, the day after surgery.

Big Mama's surgery went very well.  The doctor discovered that it was actually a very large abcess that surrounded a foreign body that was under her skin.   He is unsure what was in there since it had disintegrated but he could see a small spot where it was at the center of the lump.  The vet said that based on the smell, he felt it was deffinitely pasturella but that it was completely limited to this area.   She has no other outward signs of pasturella so her prognosis is excellent and it is not something that should spread to her body, nor to the other bunnies.

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These first 2 pictures were taken by me while she was laying in my lap.   Big Mama is such a sweet big girl and she is so cooperative.

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These 2 pictures above were taken by 1 of my 5 year old twins.   Not bad huh???  Here you can get a better idea of the size of the incision.   She has lots of staples and there are also some stitches.  We have to watch it very closely to be sure she is not pulling anything out and that there are no signs of infection.

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