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The Bunnies Pen

My wonderful husband Marvin built me a huge room/pen for my bunnies. He is so supportive of me and my bunnies and never seems to mind doing things for them. This room takes up 1/3 of my basement and has 2 levels. You can see in the pictures below that there are actually 2 large rooms and a ramp and area for climbing. The door between the 2 rooms swings open (as in these pictures) and makes for 1 very large room. There is a door that opens on each side which makes it very easy to go in and out. When its time to clean, I shuffle all bunnies to 1 side and then close
the door between the two rooms. Once the 1 side is cleaned and dried, the bunnies switch sides until the whole thing is done. In addition, since the room is so big, it makes it easy for me and my children to just go in and sit down and play with the bunnies. We are all getting great enjoyment out of it.

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As you can see in these pictures, my bunnies have an assortment of toys, litter boxes, fresh hay and pieces of carpet or fleece pads to sit on in case the floor gets to cold. My basement is a very active place with all my children so the bunnies get lots of love, attention and interaction. I spend time with them every morning before work, late afternoon when I come home from work and again in the late evening before I go to bed. In addition, when my children come home from school and complete their homework, they go down the basement to play, watch TV, play nintendo or read, they open the doors to the pen and let the bunnies out so they can run everywhere and play.

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As you can see here, the legs of their platform also double as a good place for chewing.  Chewing is very important for the health of bunnies teeth and the wood is untreated 2x4's so it will not harm them.  When it starts to get thinned down, we can just add a new section of wood to reinforce it.

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This picture shows you how we did the top of the platform to prevent the bunnies from chewing the top off, staining and soaking the wood.  My husband nailed a sheet of plywood to the base.  He then glued linoleum to the plywood and finished it off with the metal pieces that you would use on the edges of stairs.  This prevents the bunnies from being able to peel the linoleum or chew the wood on the top.   I also keep a water dish up there to encourage them to climb up.


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