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Halloween 1999

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This is Princess Caly waiting for her Halloween date, his name is Shimmer.

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This is the gentleman named Dazzle ready to pick up Miss Elvis for the Halloween Ball

peanut_halloween.jpg (151064 bytes)

Ms Peanut the Dinosaur is anxiously awaiting the arrival of Mo

peterlop_halloween.jpg (151261 bytes)

Peter the silly lop is ready to escort Ms. Buddie to the party...he promises to be on his best behavior!

mocha_halloween.jpg (151941 bytes)

Dainty little Mocha is dressed and ready for Snickers

snugglebunny_halloween.jpg (134587 bytes)   snugglebunny_1031.jpg (147275 bytes)

Miss Snugglebunny is ready for the handsome Butterscotch to come get her.  She asked that I show a picture of her without the costume so you could see her eyes and just how cute she is.


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