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Marissa Making her own Tallit (Jewish Prayer Shawl)


Marissa will be turning 12 soon and its time to start thinking about her Bat Mitzvah.  At a Bar (boy) or Bat (girl) Mitzvah, a child is called up to read from the Torah (Bible scroll) and it is when they become considered an adult and responsible for their actions in the eye's of G-D.  When a child is being Bat Mitzvah'd, they wear a prayer shawl called a Tallit for the first time and then continue to wear it throughout their lives any time they pray.

These pictures show Me and Marissa making her Tallit and the steps along the way.

Please click on a picture to see a full size image and be able to see the detail much better

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This is me and Marissa when we started to sketch out what would be on the Tallit

This is Marissa started to paint it in with fabric markers


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The finished Tallit before the fringes are added

The Tallit back view


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This is Marissa as she is tying the knots onto the 4 corners.  These knots must be made and twisted in a very specific way with a prayer said before each of the knots.  Would you like to hear Marissa saying the prayer?  If so, Click Here.

This is Marissa wearing her newly completed Tallit.  There is a special prayer you say each time you put it on.  Would you like to hear Marissa say that special prayer?  If so, Click Here.





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