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This poem was written by my 15 year old daughter Nicole to her 11 year old sister Jessica who suffers from bipolar disorder.  This poem was Nicole's way of trying to get through to Jessica that she does understand her problems and she does love her, even when she is mean to her and Jessica feels that no one loves her or cares about her.  

The poem reads all the way down the first column, then down the second column and then the third.  I was very touched by Nicole's poem and her depth of understanding the situation even at her young age.

A Sisters Courage

O Sister of mine
You are not well
You are not fine

You scream and cry
You shout and lie
And we all wonder why

For sickness is hereditary
And you have received those genes
And this sickness you shall marry

We all love you so
Our love grows and grows
And you just donít know

We try so hard to help you
Listen and learn from you
Who are you mad at? Who?

Things will get better
We do all know it
But for now your pillow gets wetter

You need to breathe
You need to eat
But just donít grieve

We will all get through this
Together as a family
Think of it as god giving you a kiss

You donít need friends
You have sisters
They will make amends

You are only eleven
Started when you were three
And got worse after seven

Mommy & Daddy love you
The Twins, Marissa & Matt love you
And most of all I love you

I am mean to you
I donít mean to
Thatís just what sisters do

 I scream and yell
I like to hear myself
I also like to raise hell

But I donít mean it
I really donít
Please donít throw a fit

So Jessica my dear
Everything kicked you in the rear
But you have nothing to fear

Every night I think of you
Think of things
To get you through

Just hold on to me
I wont let you go
Iíll help you conquer Iíll help you grow