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Hi there, my name is Miriam and I would like to introduce you to my sweet and wonderful house bunnies.  Each bunny has a web page of their own.  I used to have a large number of bunnies, due to the rescue work that I was doing with a variety of groups.  Once all my bunnies started dying from mycotoxin poisoning, my heart was devastated and I had a hard time recovering, and combined with my medical health conditions, I had to stop doing rescue work and taking in new bunnies.

 My Bunnies

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Freckles II

Bunnies and Cancer - Did you know that the majority of female bunnies who aren't spayed will develop cancer of the female organs?  To read a personal story, Click Here to read Onyx's Story.  To learn more facts, Click Here to go to the House Rabbit Society website.

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This picture was taken on the 7th day of Chanukkah (12/5/02).  Starting from the left: Arielle holding Teenoke, Me holding Fluffy and Harry, Marissa holding Precious, Jessica holding Dazzle, Nicole holding Peter and Snowflake, Matthew and Caitlin holding Cocoa.  Not in this picture are Thunder and Peter the Lop because we ran out of hands!  If I had someone else to take the picture, Marvin could have held those 2 instead of taking the picture.  (Click the picture if you want to see a full size image)

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If you have been following my page for a long time, then you know I used to have a lot more bunnies.  Some have been adopted out into new homes but many have died since 9/23/02 from Mycotoxin poisoning.  To learn more about this problem, visit my mycotoxin poisoning page or visit my beautiful bridge bunnies to see what happened to each of them.

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Bunnies that I have found homes for

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Lazy Louie


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Spot: Currently being fostered by MRR


Mocha and Sunshine were adopted out together

Mocha and Sunshine were adopted out together

Dusty - adopted by a wonderful bunny friend named Mary from bunnylove

Bob - adopted by a wonderful bunny friend named Mary from bunnylove

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Can bunnies be bonded with each other????

 This picture should answer that question for you!!!  Click on the picture to see more images of Bunnies that are bonded with others.  Click here for tips on Bonding Bunnies.



Great Rabbit Resources worth checking out!

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