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Full name : Nicole Beth Palevsky

Birthdate : April 1st (yes April fools day I know!!)

Age : 17

Nicknames : Nikki, The Elf, Strawberry

Hair Color : Brown or Blonde (Brown in winter, Blonde in summer, but my Dad said the blonde should be year round)

Eye Color : Brown (usually depends on the weather)

Height : 5'6"

Weight : 137

School : Brush --for another 3 weeks then I'm with an online school program called ohdela.

Family : 2 parents, Miriam and Marvin, 5 sisters, Marissa, Meranda, Jessica, Caitlin, Arielle, 1 brother, Matthew

Car (Truck actually) : a gold 97 Chevy S10 pickup!




Color : Green, Yellow

Word : Penis

Food : Chocolate milk shakes, Melissa's pickles, Cherries, Whip Cream, and Truffles

Sport : Basketball, Hockey, Soccer, Rowing!!!

Team : Boston Celtics, San Antonio Spurs, Anaheim Mighty Ducks, Detroit Red Wings

Band : At this present moment it is Soilwork!

Animal : Monkey


Inside Jokes

Elise and Melissa - He popped my bubble!, shametria, he is sooooo ugly, gag me with a fork, omygosh i forgot to tell you...uhh i forgot, get yur groove on, shwimming, absofuckingcredible, scrumptualescence, Double Date!!!,,oh wait Triple Date! way too many more to name em all!!

Matt - can i have a piece of gum? CAVS BARONS ROCKERS what next? how can u beat me with your eyes closed and sometimes playing with your feet...that's not fair!

Marc - u want it? (belt piece)

Mizz Egan and Mizz Bruce - that is sooo nasty!

Rachel - Greek geek, happy hoe!

Matt Saxe - Smile!

Brian - I'm Slick! you can have the lay-up i just wanna jump! hahaha

Jessica - u know we feel cool by making our own shirts!! and we are even cooler cuz we have portable DVD players!! Bow, Stroke, Bow, Stroke. We Row good together...since we have to be in the same boat all the time! im telling you those glowsticks are so fun when yur in a bad mood...its like therapy! Franks and Beans, These are the times that im glad im deaf...cuz i cant here the boo's. hahaha. cant wait until crew starts up again in the spring...we can skip the urg's everytime we can too!! lol. Ignatius boys are fun even at 12 am!


Email me at = butterflybaby@mybunnies.com 

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