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Hey all these are my best friends in the whole world!! always have been there for me. we do absolutely everything together. we have the same favorite pop and candy bar. we are usually referred to as the 3 musketeers. 

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Jambo 2002

This is what we love best!! EATING!!!

"American Woman"


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Charlie's "mud" Angels Melissa and Elise Just Chillin'


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This was 3 years ago! Party!! Surprise party I threw for Elise's bday


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Faith Ranch like 2 years ago Jambo 2002 MMMM Dr. Pepper Chapstik
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Halloween 2001 Me and Melis doing our hoola thing Coming home from somewhere?


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Mudorama! Me and Elise cleaning up after Nelson's ledges Me and Elise making cakes


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Richmond Heights homecoming Posers Doing what we do best... the bar baby!


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Girl Scouts!! YAY!


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