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Other Pictures

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Hey Tim, u remember this right!!! Evanescence Concert!! Yeah, my mommy is proud of me!
Nicole_Rosti_Purim.JPG (216601 bytes) PardesPurim.JPG (609766 bytes) Nicole_Katie_Beach.JPG (335074 bytes)
Me and Rosti on Purim A Pardes Purim Me and Katie on Venice Beach
027_24.JPG (286095 bytes) Nicole_and_Arielle_on_the_bus.jpg (131343 bytes) Nicole_with_the_boys_from_Beit_Shean.jpg (165734 bytes)
"Are you Nervous?" My friend Arielle and I on a bus in Israel Now that's what I'm talking about! Israeli boys!!
Schechter_and_Beit_Shean_kids_on_Har_Arbel.jpg (179521 bytes) 020505013533_1640.JPG (250872 bytes)
Schechter and Bet She'an class Dead Sea AAAAWWWW
beachwoodhomecomming.jpg (325275 bytes) mattandme.jpg (378953 bytes) nikkimelissahomecomming.jpg (395097 bytes)
Beachwood homecoming 2003 'Once you go Saxe you never go back' Me and Melissa for beachwood homecoming
031004083826_5742.JPG (544656 bytes) nikkicarladorable.jpg (277059 bytes) nikkicarlunderwater.jpg (340281 bytes)
My Friend Dan Me and Carl Aww arent we so cute
nikkicarlkodak.jpg (165566 bytes) Frankie.jpg (485854 bytes) frankiemelissa.jpg (617908 bytes)
Kodak Moment This is Frankie...The Sexiest Man Alive...Yeah hun even when you brush yur teeth! LOL This is Frankie and Melissa for homecomming
Graham.jpg (501001 bytes) nikkicarlcute.jpg (421324 bytes) nikkieddie.jpg (323839 bytes)
My Date Graham for the US homecomming My Hair isnt that long anymore FAST EDDIE!!

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